Revolutionize Your Roof with Stone-Coated Steel

Why Stone-Coated Steel?

Unparalleled Durability:
Engineered for strength, our stone-coated steel roofs withstand harsh weather conditions 🌪️🌨️, promising years of unwavering protection.

Elegant Aesthetics:
Choose from a wide variety of styles and colors that mimic traditional roofing materials like clay, slate, or wood shakes 🎨, giving your home a sophisticated appearance without compromising on performance.

Energy Efficiency:
Reflect heat and UV rays away from your home ☀️🏠, keeping your living space cooler and reducing energy costs.

Low Maintenance:
Enjoy the beauty and durability of your roof with minimal maintenance 🧽, ensuring a lasting, pristine appearance with little effort.

Our stone-coated steel roofing is made from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable ♻️, supporting your sustainable living goals.

Product Showcase

Dive into our selection of stone-coated steel roofing options. Each product is designed to offer superior protection and aesthetic appeal 🌟, with a range of colors and patterns to perfectly complement your home’s style.

HRI Steel Roofing Options

Stone Wood Shake

Available in blended, aged wood hues for natural appearance and irregular texture with added shadow lines for depth and a heavyweight look from a lightweight, Class A material. Stonewood Shake installs in either direction and our horizontal fastening system  allows for individual panel replacement if needed.

Stone Wood Shake


• Heavy laminated shingle look Black Pearl Charcoal
• Roof over options
• Class 4 Impact resistance
• Deck Direct or Batten Install
• 20 panels per square
• No asphalt coatings
• No curling, cupping or splits


Steel Guard

Steel Guard concealed fastener heavy laminated look panel.  Direct to deck installation and Class 4 Impact resistance along with a 120 MPH wind warranty. Batten installation assists crews on high pitch applications and allows panels to be installed from the ridge to the eave.

Steel Guard

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